The November Curse (Bandcamp Edition)

by the alleys

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written and performed by Nick K. with added bonus material including two remixes with drums and bass by Slawek Kulikowski and the
Mariosa single.


released August 1, 2016

This album would be impossible without: O.Weimar, the Clasbys, H.F., N.J. , The Amp Shop- West Palm Beach, and a few others.
C & P 2016 Dog at the Wheel Music/Kulikowsky



all rights reserved


the alleys West Palm Beach, Florida

Rock music's fastest growing cult.

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Track Name: Looking For You
Looking For You

This distance is criminal
It gets worse every day
And time is relentlessly working
To keep it this way
My memories are fading
But somehow the feelings remain
Probably rests on a fiction
That you feel the same

Still, I’m looking for you

Hope is a drug…
But somehow it keeps me alive
It’s not exactly living but
Hey you know I get by

Distractions are critical
But mostly I sit here and stew
This distance is criminal
But there ain’t s**t we can do

Still, I’m looking for you

These people are my “friends” but I don’t know them
This place is not my house but I am here
This party’s full of puppets who will all amount to nothing
Their smiling while their lying with their strings in the air

Still, I’m looking for you

By this time of night words are complications
Useless information like ‘how are you doing’
It seems your doing fine on account of being high
I think it’s really funny all these string in the air

Still, I’m looking for you
Track Name: Worst of All
Worst of All

You’re a drag, you’re a hassle
You’re the breech in my castle
You’re a curse, in the morning
You’re disaster with no warning
You’re the viper in the grass
You’re the foot on shattered glass
You’re the faith in non-believers
The silver tongue of The Deceiver

Worst of all, I called you friend
Worst of all, you were my friend

You’re a day without ending
You’re the back, forever bending
You’re the sting in winds of winter
You’re the eye, red with splinter
You’re the race won by cheating
You’re the heart barley beating
You’re 30 pieces in Judas’ coat
You’re the bone stuck in my throat

Worst of all, I called you friend
Worst of all you were my friend

Those bitter hearts and jealous minds
Oh how I watched you fall in line
They hoped to cut me down to size
Instead they freed me just in time
Track Name: Mariposa
Mariposa, your name is suspicious enough
Like your childhood stories
Did you make it up?
Yous say you were born in Ponce Puerto Rico
Others have said Culiacan Mexico

Mariposa, i think that we've done enough
My eyes are closing - and your dropping stuff
That cigarette is burning a hole in the floor
I try to leave but fall short of the door

I came to you an angry young man
With a chip on my shoulder and grandiose plans
My head on your chest, your black hair in my eyes
Time floated away with the rest of my life

Mariposa, I think we've done enough
Your slurring your words and I can't stand up
My arms are sore, the bed sheets are stained (and)
You spent my rent on that poison again

My father never raised me to quit
if there's an exception then babe you are it
Mariposa, you know i love you so
But tonight's the night I'm letting you go

But tonight....Let's get high...